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White Point Gardens Engagement – Ana+Peter

A couple of weeks ago Wendy and I headed down to Charleston to photograph an engagement session at White point Gardens with Ana and Peter.

Peter and Ana in front of the sunset in Charleston

If Ana looks familiar, it’s probably because you remember the portraits we made of her family a couple of years ago.

Portrait of mom and three daughters(Any excuse to show off this beautiful family again.)

Well, now the family is growing with the addition of Peter…and his family is growing with the addition of Ana…so everybody wins.

Peter and Ana in White Point Gardens

It was a gorgeous day in Charleston for photos but it was also a little chilly (at least for South Carolina), so we kind of had Peter and Ana snuggle up a good bit. They were such good sports about it–Peter didn’t seem to mind wrapping his arms around Ana one bit.

Peter hugging Ana during their engagement session in Charleston, SC

Peter looking suave with Ana

We stopped for a couple of photos at the gazebo, of course.

Ana and Peter in the gazebo at White Point Gardens

But some of my favorite photos of the day were actually in front of the water as the sun was setting. The up side was gorgeous light and a lovely background. The down side was extra wind and the threat of attacking sea birds. (No sea birds harmed anyone or were harmed in the making of these engagement photos.) Ana and Peter by the water across from White Point Garden

Ana and Peter in front of the water across from White Point Gardens

Ana and Peter in front of the water in Charleston

Finally, the sun set, giving the sky a gorgeous purple tint while the horizon glowed orange. Even as a USC graduate I can appreciate that.

Ana and Peter in front of a beautiful Charleston sunset

Eventually, there wasn’t any light left and, frankly, by that point, all of our noses were really, really cold, so we decided to call it a night. Fortunately, with Ana’s bridals and their wedding in June there is a lot more to come. We’re looking forward to it, guys!

If you’d like to tell Peter and Ana how adorable they are together, you can leave them a comment in the Facebook box below. See you next time!

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