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Engagement Session: Brian and Sara

When I moved back to Columbia for my Master’s, Brian was one of the first new friends I made. That’s probably because he was one of the few people who spent as much time in Cool Beans as I did. It’s also because we fall easily into lengthy conversations that span topics ranging from literature to educational theory to whether the latest superhero movie is likely to be any good. I didn’t meet Sara until much later, but I taught with her (awesome) mom for several years. In fact, after Brian and Sara had been dating a while, her mom asked my opinion on Brian. (Don’t worry, Brian, I gave you a good review!)

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

Let’s talk about the lovely couple, though. First off, I think that they may have the best jobs of any couple we’ve photographed so far. Brian is a writer/professor. No, really, a real writer. He’s on Amazon and everything. (By the way, that link leads to his novel Through a Pale Door. The protagonist’s name in that novel? Sarah. Yeah, there’s an ‘h’ at the end, but I’m assuming that’s a typesetting error. Did I mention that he wrote Through a Pale Door a few years before he met Sara? Or that the protagonist of the first novel of his that I ever read was named Sarah? I’m not saying Brian is prescient or anything, but…) Anyway, I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t show up for the engagement session in a tweed jacket with suede elbow patches, but it was a good reminder to me to always consult on wardrobe.

Photobombed by a flower

Holding hands

Sara, on the other hand, works with monkeys, apes, and small mammals, which you’ll know, if you’ve ever taught, is pretty much just like teaching. Hah! I kid! (Not really.)


But yeah, I definitely picture the two of them teaming up, getting some grant money, and finally finding out just how many monkeys typing it takes to produce the Twilight series*.

I call this my "paparrazi shot"

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

Don't they look debonair?

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

We finished up the shoot in Cool Beans, because love goes better with coffee…

Brian and Sara at the bst coffee shop in the world!

…and Battlestar Galactica reenactments.


Battlestar Galactica dog tags and engagement ring



*(I’m kidding, of course. Everyone knows the answer is three monkeys, plus a bottle of cheap gin.)

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