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Brian and Lynn: Johns Island Wedding

Before I show you photos of this beautiful and fun wedding I just have to get this off my chest: it really bothers me that there’s no apostrophe in Johns Island.

That said, Wendy and I were totally overwhelmed by all the fantastic elements of Lynn and Brian’s wedding. Where to begin? Oh yeah, how about with a custom-made cake topper in the likeness of the bride and groom?
Hand made wedding cake topper

Yeah, just go ahead and get your Pinterest button warmed up, because it’s that kind of wedding…

The wedding took place at the beautiful Island House on Johns Island (seriously, there should be an apostrophe in there).

The Island House on Johns Island, SC

Lynn works at the Island House, so if you’re looking for a beautiful place to have your wedding, if you go there, you’ll not only have a gorgeous location (and you haven’t seen the half of it yest) but you’ll have an absolutely delightful contact person as well. It’s pretty much a win all around.

I told you Lynn is delightful. Did I tell you she’s lovely as well? (Don’t worry, though, she won’t dress like this for your wedding.)

 A bride prepares for her wedding on Johns Island in SC

A bride prepares for her wedding on Johns Island in SC


A bridesmaid helps the bride get ready

Brian and Lynn exchanged cards and gifts before they saw each other. I love their faces as they read one another’s words on their wedding day.

Brian's card from Lynn

A bride smiles at a letter from her groom

Bride getting a little emotional

Brian and Lynn chose to have a first look–seeing each other before the ceremony and giving them some time together before the rush of the day fully sets in.

Here comes the bride

It’s wonderful to watch these two together–they constantly make each other laugh.

Bride and groom laugh as they walk down the aisle

So I showed you the front of the Island House…are there any photogenic locations around back? Hmmm…

Bride and groom in a field of pink flowers

Bride and groom backlit

Bride in front of sunset over the water

Bride and groom in front of a golden sunset

Gorgeous much?

Beautiful flowers from Local Roots Florist

The lovely flowers were provided by Local Roots Florist.

Pinwheel at a wedding

The reception tent at The Island House on Johns Island in SC

First Class Band kept the party going…

Can we rock? Yes. Yes we can.

…and Brian’s brother Greg even joined up with them for one song.

Groomsman plays guitar at wedding

That 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville behind the guys was provided by Shuttle Hogs.

Groom and groomsmen smoke cigars

Near the end of the night, Brian and Lynn lit up the sky with sky lanterns. (And nobody caught on fire!)

Sky lanterns at wedding

Groom releases a sky lantern at wedding

Brian and Lynn: thank you for having us be a part of your magical day!

Until next time…

Carolina CrossFit Famously Hot Showdown – Day 1

Once again, it’s time to return to the theme of people who are in way better shape than I (J.P.) am!

Last year, you might remember, we photographed Carolina CrossFit’s Famously Hot Showdown. This year, we returned for not one, but two days of events, this time located inside their Laurel Street location. If you don’t know much about CrossFit (or if you just want to see some more photos of people who look like Greek gods and goddesses (Why do we only associate Greek gods and goddesses with great abs?  Nice marketing, Greek pantheon!)) I’d suggest checking out our last post on Carolina CrossFit here.

But you’re not here to listen to me tell you about the competition, you probably want to see very fit people engaging in feats of athleticism that would leave me gasping for air, a defibrillator, and probably a milkshake.  So here are some highlights from day 1. (Day 2 here!)

(Note: all 1400+ images from both days can now be seen and ordered here.)

An athlete does overhead squats at Carolina CrossFit's Famously Hot Showdown

A woman doing a CrossFit WOD lifts a barbell over her head Click here to read more.

Sherrod and Jeremy’s Wedding: Rain, the TARDIS, and Velociraptors

You’re essentially bound to think that the title of this post is misleading (though the presence of the TARDIS could explain why velociraptors showed up), but I assure you everything I have promised will make an appearance. Frankly, with stuff that cool, it’s kind of odd that I’m starting the post with a picture of a chalk board, but it says “welcome”, so at least it’s a good start thematically.


Sherrod and Jeremy got married Saturday at The River Road & Jasmine Houses and Gardens in Columbia near Lake Murray. This wedding was wonderfully whimsical and filled with joyful, fun people. Let’s start with the flowers. Roses? No. Daisies? No. How about maps?

Bouquet made of maps


No, this is not the velociraptor I promised, but it’s a darn fine impression.


Ah, now we’re really getting somewhere! No doubt all the Doctor Who fans will recognize this police call/ring box. (Frankly, when I opened it, I was a bit surprised it wasn’t bigger on the inside. Still, it fit the rings and that’s what’s important.)

Dr Who Ring Box

The whole day we labored under the threat of rain, but it was still holding out as the girls and guys started getting ready.


The Groom

3 vert bridesmaids(Did I mention that everybody was a lot of fun?)


The guys

Just as the ceremony was about to begin, a sprinkling of rain began to fall, but it did nothing to dampen anyone’s mood. Besides, isn’t rain on your wedding day supposed to be good luck?


The bride and her father

Rainy wedding

Sherrod and Jeremy wrote their own vows, which were lovely and touching.

The bride crying


By the end of the ceremony, everyone was slightly soggy, but ready to party!

Hello, ladies...

The lovely and delicious cake was provided by The Cake Professor. But…what’s that on top of the cake?


Yes, it’s a velociraptor bride and groom. In fact, the bride is even wearing a tiny engagement ring, which is absolutely lovely, but sometimes gets in the way when she’s tearing into her prey. How great is her veil, though?!

Velociraptor Wedding Cake Toppers



So there were some toasts…


…some dancing…



..and finally just some time to hang out and look gorgeous.



Jasmine House Wedding in Columbia“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.” -The Doctor

Columbia Wedding Photography - Jasmine and River Road house


Congratulations, Sherrod and Jeremy! We had a blast with you, your family, and friends! We hope you’re having a great honeymoon and wish you a journey full of adventure and, most of all, love.

Hans + Lou – Columbia Wedding

Maybe you remember Hans and Lou, the couple sweeter than Pi? Well, they’ve moved on from engaged to the real deal–they’re married! Here are a few of our favorite images from their wedding at Trenholm Road United Methodist Church and their reception at Rockbridge Club.

We couldn’t have asked for a much more beautiful day.


Hans was ruggedly handsome, as usual.


This was a lovely detail I’d never seen before. Lou made her ring bearer’s pillow from her mother’s wedding dress. What a beautiful way to honor her parents’ marriage in her own wedding!

Ring bearer pillow made from mother's wedding dress Click here to read more.

Senior Photos: Ethan

Happy day-after-Halloween, everyone!

I hope your trick-or-treating adventures were fruitful–though not literally. Fruit is not an acceptable Halloween treat. Chocolate. Chocolate is what you should have gotten. If you’re an adult and you gave out fruit I just…I don’t even know what to say to you. Life must have beaten you down pretty badly, and I’m sorry.

Anyway, while you’re riding the sugar high of your child’s pilfered candy (or, like us, leftover candy that you hid from trick-or-treaters didn’t eat) we hope you’ll enjoy Ethan’s senior photos.

Ethan is a senior this year at Ben Lippen, and he wanted senior photos showcasing his most beloved posession: his guitar Jane.

Rock and roll senior portrait(I may have had a little too much fun with this one…)

Columbua SC Senior portraitHere the sky cooperated nicely with us. Thanks, sky. Click here to read more.

The Mirosavich Family Photos

The Mirosaviches got in touch with us because they had the rare opportunity to get all three generations of their family together to celebrate their patriarch’s birthday. (“Patriarch” sounds better than “granddad”, right?) It was great to get photos not only of the whole family, but of the family units therein, and, of course, the kiddos.

Grandma and Grandpa(pictured: not the kiddos)

Family portrait Click here to read more.