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Carolina CrossFit Famously Hot Showdown – Day 2 – Teams

(Hey! If you’d like to see all 1400+ images from both days you can do that (and order if you’d like) here.)

Okay, I promised a follow up to our previous post about day one of the Famously Hot Showdown, and here it is.

I know what you’re thinking. “Man, these fitness posts can be pretty intimidating! All these people are so darn…FIT!” Don’t worry, though, because day two of the Famously Hot Showdown was teams meaning the competitors were…

A very fit guy lifting weights

…still obscenely fit.

So, when they said “teams”, they apparently didn’t mean that you got to lift the weights together or pick one another up on the pull-ups. So much for Wendy and I entering next year.

Woman lifting at CrossFit

Yet despite people making faces like this:

Front squats



and this:

Guy in a Captain America shirt

…other people made faces like this:


and this:

Guy with a banana

(Okay, in all fairness, eating a banana isn’t quite as challenging as doing front squats.)

Still, I’m pretty sure the competitors were having a good time. If I’m not mistaken, the guy below is setting his personal record in this photo. (Dear guy in photo: if you’re not setting a PR here, just email me and I’ll Photoshop some more weights onto the bar until you are.)

Personal record

And what could be more fun than swinging from the rings?

A woman doing muscle-ups

(Wait, Wendy tells me she’s in the middle of doing muscle-ups. Nevermind.)

Wall ball

Wall ball

Wall ball

You know, in all the online arguing about the pros and cons of CrossFit, the one argument I’ve never heard is that you ought to do CrossFit because it makes your kids adorable. I know this is a small sample size, but I think there’s a case to be built here.

Kids at the Famously Hot Showdown (The little girl is on her 37th pull-up. Not really.)

Box Jumps

You know, though, folks who are serious about CrossFit often develop really big muscles…


Barbell across a man's back

…and you know they’ve just got to be completely inflexib–…

Very, very flexible

Never mind.




One of the coolest things about day 2 was watching teammates cheer one another on.


Overhead squats


And speaking of teams, here’s the one that made it happen:

The Famously Hot Showdown volunteer team

Thanks for visiting with us! We hope we’ll see you at the Famously Hot Showdown again next year!


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