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Album Review: Dragon Vox – Bite Your Tongue

All throughout the Valley there have been rumblings about the coming of a new album so rife with unbridled power that the day of its arrival would change the face of rock forever. Ladies and gentlemen, that album is here. I give you Dragon Vox’s Bite Your Tongue.

Dragon Vox - Bite Your Tongue

This album delivers everything a fan could want except mercy. From the thunderous bass of the opening track, “I Took Your Phone (to Hades)”, to the virtuosic and soaring guitar solo of closer “Girl, Take Off That Dress (and Put on Something Appropriate)”, Dragon Vox take their listeners on a ferocious musical journey through the highs and lows of language learning.

Dragon Vox - Promo Photo

Vocalist Rose Lachaleur continues to scream her way into our hearts, bringing such depth and emotion to her performance that I truly believed she was going to literally tear my heart out if I didn’t remember to conjugate the helping verb in “Composé is so Passé”.

Drummer Fiona Fuego and bassist Ember Ablaze keep the driving rhythms going throughout this album, daring you not to bang your head to the anthem “I’ll be the Spark that Sets Your House on Fire”. Meanwhile, guitarists Spark Kraken and Nikki Burns pile on the riffage that Dragon Vox fans know as the band’s signature sound. Kraken’s blues-inspired churning on “You Heard Me the First Time” offers the perfect foundation from which to launch Burns into the stratosphere with her soaring, ethereal solo. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dragon Vox album without the atmospheric synths of Roddie Pyre, whose impassioned playing provides the backbone of my pick for best power ballad of the year, “I’m Not Done With You Yet.”

Bite Your Tongue also opens a new chapter for Dragon Vox with the departure of long-time member Tina Tinder who left the band last year to seek treatment for a Kody-pendant relationship. Stepping up to fill the void is newcomer Yella Flagrante who will allay any concerns about the change with the way she shreds the electric triangle on “You Shall Not (Leave Without A) Pass”.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the rumors were true. With Bite Your Tongue, Dragon Vox has set the bar higher than ever for power, melody, and bangs. I give this album five flaming stars.


Kody’s Newborn Photos

Remember the recent maternity portraits we took of Kristina? It turns out Kristina was even pregnant-er than we thought, because look who’s here!

Newborn baby


That’s right, Kody arrived less than two weeks after his mom’s maternity shoot. He was also very prompt in showing up to have his newborn photos taken, because here he is checking in at just 6 days old!

sleeping newborn


Fortunately, he appears to have used all of his post-natal free time to practice being cute for the camera. Here’s his mom appreciating some of that adorableness.

Mother with infant

And here’s dad joining in on the action.

Photo of mother and father with newborn

Baby brother Kyle even got into a photo or two despite us having rudely interrupted his nap.

Baby inside heart made of train tracks while brother plays nearby

Newborn inside heart made of train tracks

Welcome to the world, Kody! We’re looking forward to getting to know you as you grow!

Kristina’s Maternity Portraits

Today’s post is very special to us because, not only did we get to photograph a beautiful client, but also a wonderful friend.  Also, this isn’t Kristina’s first time in front of our cameras.  Here’s a quick flashback to some images of Kristina when she was pregnant with Kyle. And here’s a little documentation of baby Kyle’s arrival.

Kristina and Kevin are expecting their second little Schwarzbaby very, very soon, and we can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the family.  In the meantime, we had enjoyed celebrating the beauty and joy of motherhood and new life with them.  Kristina’s contagious smile, beauty, and adventurous spirit come through in every shoot we do with her.

Beautiful maternity photo in blue

Motherhood suits Kristina beautifully, so a second round of maternity photos was definitely in order.

Happy mother-to-be

She really knows how to rock a baby bump!

Baby bump

Kristina’s laughter always makes for some of our favorite photos. Kyle didn’t want to be left  out, though, so he joined Kristina for a few pictures, too.

The little guy joins in

Family portrait

Mom and baby

Maternity photo in tutu

Congratulations dear friends!

Hellen and Robby’s Mount Pleasant Wedding

Hellen and Robby were high school sweethearts…then they were college sweethearts…and now they’re husband and wife!

We’ve been fortunate enough to know these two and their wonderful families since the first time they went to a spring formal together, and we were delighted to help capture their beautiful wedding day!

00 Hellen and Robby

The wedding was held in Mount Pleasant, at the gorgeous home of Hellen’s grandmother. Apart from family and friends, the ceremony and reception were well-attended by furry friends.

01 Animals at a wedding

Some were more sharply dressed than others, but then, you’d have to be insane to try to put an outfit on a cat. 

Now, here’s the part where you get to feel like a slacker. Hellen made her wedding dress. Wait, I’m not done. She also designed it. Short of growing the cotton from which it’s woven and personally mining the ore from which the corset ribs are made I don’t think she could have been more involved. (If you know Hellen’s industriousness, you know she probably at least considered the cotton part…) In any case, the result was amazing as you can see!

02 Hellen and Robby Wedding

And here is Hellen’s handsome groom. I’m fairly certain Robby tied his own tie.  ;-)

03 Robby the groom

We got to share a wonderful moment as Hellen’s dad saw her in her dress for the first time. (Brides, you should do this!)

04 Bride's father first look

And finally it was time for the ceremony!

05 Wedding Ceremony

After the lovely couple tied the knot, everyone retired to the backyard with its gorgeous waterfront view for delicious southern food and, of course, cake.

06 Wedding details

Hellen and Robby — salt (and pepper) of the earth.

The view started out amazing and only got better from there.

07 Charleston Wedding

08 Wedding Dances

09 Cutting the cake

Everybody had a great time, though I fear the cat may have partied a little too hard.

10 Hellen and Robby

11 Hellen and Robby

As the sun began to set we made our way to the dock for some photos of Robby and Hellen.

12 Charleston Wedding on the water

After a day that continually promised rain but never delivered, we were treated to a breathtaking sunset for our newlyweds.

13 Charleston wedding sunset

As the sun went down and the moon came up, the celebration continued.

14 Hellen and Robby

15 Hellen and Robby

Hellen and Robby, we wish you a wonderful life together filled with creativity, great food, and the kind of love that comes only from above.

Spring Valley High School’s 2016 Trashion Show

Last Friday night, students from Spring Valley High School took to the runway to show off handmade fashions created from materials that would have otherwise been bound for the landfill–in other words, Trashion.

Above you’ll find proof that creating something from nothing isn’t just thrifty, it can be downright angelic.

And speaking of angelic, the event was also a fundraiser for The Souper Bowl of Caring, a wonderful organization that got its start with high school students right here in Columbia and now helps to feed the hungry all across America.

Below you’ll see an amazing rice-bag dress which demonstrates that rice isn’t just good when you want to eat a thousand of something.


Below you’ll find a colorful top and purse combo woven from discarded magazines paired with a trash bag skirt.


If you ever shop at Trader Joe’s you’ll probably recognize this next piece. Sadly, it just contains a model, and not dark chocolate pistachio toffee. *sigh*


The guys got into it, too! This trash bag/recycled bottle ensemble assures you you’ll be well hydrated for the coming apocalypse.


What do you do with your old SAT study guides when you’re done with them? Take them out for a night on the town, of course!


The mix of materials plus the handmade purse make this trashion a can’t-miss for 2016!


Woven newspaper and magazines make this ensemble a bibliophile’s delight, but it’s the (slightly hidden) Elizabethan collar that’s worth reading about.


Clearly, print is not dead!


Love the floral punch and charming hairpiece on this magazine and trash bag dress!


Candy wrappers make a sweet addition to any wardrobe!


This tasty dress makes running out for a midnight snack into an event!


Okay, this dress is amazing, and it’s made from old, shredded homework. I love the outfit, but as a former teacher, I’m not sure I love the idea that homework is trash.   ;-)


Finally, allow me to introduce the winner. With a floral-theme top and a sweet-scented skirt accented with tea bags, this was the outfit that ultimately won over the judges in a field filled with fierce competition! Congratulations to the winner and to all the designers, models, and organizers who made this great event possible!