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Kyle: Baby Photos

Do you guys remember Kristina and Kevin? Well, baby Kyle has arrived, and there’s not much to say, except that he’s super-adorable.

Baby and mother

Baby with mother

He likes to snuggle with his mom.

Photo of baby with mother

One thing about Kyle is that he’s hungry. I believe he likes to eat roughly every eight minutes. What’s a photographer to do while waiting for him to eat, though? Photograph his brothers, of course!


Lexi has his doubts about all this

Diego is not easy to photograph

Once he was well fed (again), Kyle went back to being compliant and snuggly.


We wrapped up the session with a few of Kyle and dad.

Baby and father

Congratulations, Kristina and Kevin! Kyle is adorable! We’re looking forward to photographing him again in the near future!

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