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Kody’s Newborn Photos

Remember the recent maternity portraits we took of Kristina? It turns out Kristina was even pregnant-er than we thought, because look who’s here!

Newborn baby


That’s right, Kody arrived less than two weeks after his mom’s maternity shoot. He was also very prompt in showing up to have his newborn photos taken, because here he is checking in at just 6 days old!

sleeping newborn


Fortunately, he appears to have used all of his post-natal free time to practice being cute for the camera. Here’s his mom appreciating some of that adorableness.

Mother with infant

And here’s dad joining in on the action.

Photo of mother and father with newborn

Baby brother Kyle even got into a photo or two despite us having rudely interrupted his nap.

Baby inside heart made of train tracks while brother plays nearby

Newborn inside heart made of train tracks

Welcome to the world, Kody! We’re looking forward to getting to know you as you grow!

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