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Brian + Raquel: Highlands, NC Wedding

The high in Columbia yesterday was 87  degrees. Halloween is this Sunday and it’s shorts weather. That’s one reason Wendy and I were delighted to get to go to Highlands, NC and photograph Raquel and Brian’s wedding. It was gloriously cool up in the mountains and the leaves were changing beautifully. I’m hoping it was a sneak peek of the fall weather that will eventually reach us down here in our “famously hot” capital.

Meteorology aside, though, this intimate wedding in the mountains was an absolute delight. Brian and Raquel are the first couple we hadn’t met face to face before photographing their wedding. Sure, we’d talked by phone and email, but it’s tough to feel like you know somebody until you’ve talked with them in person. Well, we quickly learned that they’re a fantastic couple who are nuts about each other and whose love has already proved itself stronger than flames. (More on  that later.)

Wendy got these gorgeous detail shots while Raquel was getting ready at the Old Edwards Inn & Spa. The Old Edwards was a fantastic location–between the stonework, the cool antique furniture, and the library that looks like it came straight from Clue, not to mention the ready availability of massages–we were in photography heaven.

Raquel is super relaxed. To be so generally is a blessing, but to be so on one’s wedding day–that’s no small feat.

When I first met Brian, he was checking over his list of things to do to prepare for the wedding. Sparklers needed to be acquired from adjoining counties and just one more name tag needed to be printed for the reception. Nonetheless, he maintained his cool. It was clear, though, that he wanted this day to be perfect for his bride.

That guy behind Brian? I have no idea who he is.

Here’s Raquel getting ready to leave the Inn to go to The Farm for the ceremony.

I loved this stonework. I’m still not sure why an inn & spa needs a parapet, but I suppose in case of a zombie apocalypse, they’ll be better prepared than your average Holiday Inn.

After everybody was ready, we headed over to The Farm for the ceremony and reception. The Farm is, well, a farm I suppose, but less in the sense of “productive of crops” and more in the sense of “productive of excellent backdrops for photos”.

Here are Raquel’s sisters entering the ceremony.

And here’s Raquel’s little sister/flower girl. She loves the camera, and he camera loves her right back.

And here are the bride and groom:

Silliness…we appreciate that.

Did I mention that this was an intimate wedding? This is the first time we’ve managed to get the entire wedding party plus all the guests into one photo.

I love it when the color palette even extends to the drink choices.

I don’t know if this photo gets it across, but the upper layers of the cake are hollow, as in, you can see through the holes right to the other side. I’d never seen anything like it, but I love it.

These next two shots remind me of why I love shooting with my wife. This is my shot…

…and this is hers. The same moment, but two totally different perspectives.

Here, again, is Raquel’s little sister. The room was lit with candles, and I couldn’t help playing with the light a little bit while she danced.

And to close, more colorful drinks.

Oh yeah, I promised more about how Brian and Raquel’s love could withstand flames. Well, there were tea lights sitting on several of the tables, including the one where their marriage license was signed. Apparently the license ended up a little too close to one of the candles because it caught ablaze. Wendy saw this and (and this is just how cool my wife is) put the fire out with her bare hands. The document was singed, but all the important information was still there. Just remember kids, no matter how bright your love burns, be careful around open flames!

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