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Jason & Britt: Married

Today’s post is absolutely packed with photography goodness. Wendy and I have a lot of photos from Britt and Jason’s wedding to edit, so we haven’t had a chance to assemble the slideshow yet. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are a ton of photos in this post, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Jason and Britt have been two of my favorite subjects since over a year ago when I shot their engagement session. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Britt & Jason's engagement

Aw, just look at them. So young. So in love. And now, more than a year later, they’re…well, still so young and so in love, so let’s get to the marrying.

Wendy started out with the girls as they did all the things women do to prepare for an event as important as a wedding.

Britt gets buttoned up

Britt puts on lipstick

The girls praying

So while the ladies were getting dressed, making themselves even more beautiful, and seeking God’s favor on the marriage, the guys were…

The guys play Rock Band…playing Rock Band.

You have to understand, ladies, mental preparation is necessary for an event as significant as a wedding.

Wendy rode with Britt over to Holy Trinity Anglican Church, the site of the ceremony and snapped this lovely picture of her in the car.

Britt in the car on the way to the church

…and also got this shot of Britt’s awesome bracelet.

Britt's bracelet

Once we all arrived at the church, Wendy and I grabbed shots of some of the other details of the wedding, like the bridesmaids shoes…

The girls' shoes

…and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres (have to look up the spelling on that one every time).


The flower girls, per regulation, were adorable.

Flower girl
Flower girls

Flower girl

At long last the church was ready…

Interior of Holy Trinity Anglican Church

…Jason was ready…

Jason anticipates Britt's arrival

…and Britt was ready.

Britt waits outside the church

…so they got started.

Jess gets awesome lighting

(Jess, when you get married, we hope you’ll either hire us to photograph your wedding or just let us assemble an album from all the pictures we already have of you. We can Photoshop you into a white dress if you want.)

Britt and Jason hold hands

Britt and Jason decided, after they got engaged, to forego kissing until they were married. I’m totally blown away by that. What kind of longing do you think that must create in a couple who obviously love each other as much as these two?

Jason and Britt kiss at the altar

Britt and Jason kissing in black and white

Jason looking as lucky as he feels

Jason kissing Britt on the head

Britt lipticks Jason up

My guess? A lot of longing.

From the church, we all went over to the Westin Poinsett Hotel where Britt and Jason had their reception. Check out this reception hall:

Reception hall

…and this awesome cake:

Cake with champagne in background

From there, it was pretty much one amazing party.



Guys and ladies singing to each other

Britt looks at the camera in the midst of dancing guests

Britt, of course, tossed the bouquet…

Bouquet toss

…but Jason was in for a surprise with the garter toss.

Jason goes for the garter

Jason goes for the garter

Jason gets the granny panties

Wendy assures me those are not Britt’s actual underwear.

After that there was still more dancing…

Jason picks Britt up

…and still more adorable children.

Little girl

Before the night was over, we slipped Jason and Britt outside to get a shot of them with the Poinsett in the background. If you saw a guy with a camera lying in a hotel driveway in Greenville that night, thanks for not running me over.

Poinsett dip

Wendy and I had an amazing time photographing Jason and Britt’s wedding and, while we’re going to miss having them here in Columbia, we’re glad they’re off to a fantastic start to their marriage.

Come back tomorrow for the final day of TEN (business) DAYS OF BLOGGING!

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3 Responses to “Jason & Britt: Married”

  1. Melody says:

    WOW!!!!!! How beautiful they both look, young love is so wonderful, God bless them with many years of happiness and a home full of LOVE.
    Melody and David LeClair

  2. Denton says:

    You have captured the beauty of this wedding in a way i didnt know was possible. You said once that you’d find out what “religious” or “christian” art was….If the answer to that is showing God’s beauty here on earth…you’ve been making that kind of art for a while and have once again.

  3. Barb -Jason's mom says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! You are a gifted artist that truly has captured Jason and Brittany’s personalities and love for each other. Thank you so much!

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