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Gabe & Lydia: Married

A few months ago I was talking to my friend Rebekah who is an amazing photographer currently living in Virginia when she told me she was going to be coming down to Greenville in a few months to shoot a wedding. I hadn’t seen her in years, so I asked if she needed any help. I’m guessing she didn’t really need it, but she graciously invited me to second-shoot. This gave me the opportunity to see Rebekah and also to get to meet Gabe and Lydia, both of whom are really cool people, and whose family and friends were delightful to spend time with.

When I arrived at Gabe’s parents’ house, he and the groomsmen hadn’t yet shown up, so I walked around greeting the dogs and the goats (yes, goats) and generally getting a sense of the place. Very shortly though, the guys arrived in this:

The guys with a VW bus

I mean, as a photographer can you ask for more than that? Well, I did.
See, there was this trampoline…

The guys on the trampoline

Lydia, if your husband was smelly on his wedding night I am really, really sorry. It’s my fault.

One thing that you might notice is that Gabe and his groomsmen are wearing brown patent leather shoes. I’d never seen those before and commented on it. Gabe quickly gave the credit to Lydia for finding them, which I think gives a pretty good indication that they’re going to do very well at this marriage business.

If the Volkswagen hadn’t been enough, it turns out that Gabe’s dad also has a classic Shelby Cobra. Despite the fact that Gabe was angry with the car (it had burned Lydia recently with its exhaust pipe) he agreed to be photographed with it. Let me make this clear, Gabe was angry with the car for harming his bride. Like I said, I think they’re off on the right foot.

Lydia and Gabe by the Cobra

Gabe and Lydia opted to see each other before the wedding, so Rebekah went ahead and got a lot of the ‘formals’ out of the way. I snapped this one quickly in order to prove that I could get six children out of a group of seven to completely ignore me.

Group shot from above

Mission accomplished.

Do you see what the flower girls are wearing? That’s right. Green tutus. Come on, it’s like they did the work for me!

Flower girl

After the ceremony, Rebekah got the wedding party to traipse out into a field with us for a few more photos. Please note the pink Gerbera daisies that the bridesmaids carried and that made up Lydia’s bouquet. This girl has style.

Gabe and Lydia with their attendants

From the field we all went to the reception which was lovely and where they were serving very good coffee (important when driving home to Columbia after a long day of shooting). The usual festivities ensued, including, of course, the garter toss.

Garter toss victor

(He looks delighted with his victory.)

I had a great time at the wedding, so big thanks are due to Rebekah for inviting me and to Lydia, Gabe, and their families and friends for being so cool to hang out with. I have no doubt that Gabe and Lydia are going to have a fantastic marriage and I’m really honored to have been a part of its beginning.

The rings

Come back tomorrow as TEN (business) DAYS OF BLOGGING continues…

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3 Responses to “Gabe & Lydia: Married”

  1. Lydia says:

    J.P. your pictures are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for joining Rebekah to capture awesome memories for Gabe and I of our big day!! One thing I knew I wanted even before I got engaged was really good photos of our wedding and thanks to you and Rebekah I got just that!
    PS. Can you send me your mailing address maybe via facebook?

  2. grace says:

    Those are amazing pictures, Lydia looks so so beautiful!

  3. jana seppala says:

    Congrats to Gabe & Lydia – & too you, the photographer. You captured some great memories, thank you. I am happy to hear you enjoyed yourself down here on the farm:) it was great to have ya’ll here.
    Gabe’s mom

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