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Danny & Becky: Married

Danny and Becky were married May 25th at the Corley Mill House & Garden in Lexington, South Carolina. Wendy and I photographed their joyous day along with our photographically and personally awesome brother-in-law Loren. (If you’re in the DC area and need a great photographer, he’s your man.)

Wendy started the day early, photographing the girls as they got ready at Becky’s place. Becky not only did her own makeup, but that of several of the bridesmaids as well.

Becky puts make-up on one of her bridesmaids

Meanwhile, Loren and I headed to the Corley Mills House to photograph the guys finishing up their preparations and get a few shots of Danny with his groomsmen.

Danny putting on his coat

The guys

Finally, the big moment arrived. The ceremony was beautiful. Danny and Becky had written their own vows and immediately after exchanging rings they took communion together for the first time as husband and wife. It was absolutely lovely.

Becky makes a cute face as Danny recites his vows

Becky with her bouquet


The reception was, like the reception of most Shack weddings, raucous and tons of fun. We especially appreciated the enthusiasm of the folks vying for the garter and bouquet.

Bouquet in mid-air

The guys fight for the garter

Though everyone wanted to spend some time with the new couple, we managed to pull them aside for just a couple of minutes to get some shots of the two of them alone. How did they spend that time? Well…

Danny and Becky kissing

When it was time for them to go, Becky and Danny’s guests sent them off in a hail of bubbles.

Leaving the reception through a field of bubbles

Finally, here’s the slideshow I promised yesterday. Give it a little time to buffer and I think you’ll enjoy some fantastic music along with some more of our favorite images from the wedding.

Danny and Becky’s Wedding Slideshow from J.P. Stephens on Vimeo.

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