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Britt & Jason: Wedding Slideshow

If you’ve looked at this blog for any length of time you’re familiar with Jason and Britt by now. They’re awesome, they’re hot, they’re married.

To get the rest of the story, visit their personal page where you’ll find a link to their complete wedding gallery as well as a link to Britt’s bridal photos.  Before you do that, though, enjoy the slideshow!

(The lovely music in the first half of the slideshow is “Movie Star Faces” from the album of the same title by The Verna Cannon.)

Come back soon. There are new photos already waiting in the wings: a magnificent musician and six, count ’em, six adorable kids!

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2 Responses to “Britt & Jason: Wedding Slideshow”

  1. Melody LeClair says:

    They look so awesome together. May God bless them both on a journey of happiness.

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