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Senior Photos: Abby

Abby is the youngest of my (J.P.’s) first cousins, making her the baby. As a result, I have a picture of her in my head that looks something like this:

Yup, I took this one, too. *sigh*

(Sorry, Abby!)

But now she’s away at college, which doesn’t make me feel old at all, nooo… Furthermore, this is her now:


Kids grow up. If you’re really lucky, though, they grow up like Abby: beautiful inside and out. Not to say I don’t miss the gap-toothed little girl from time to time, but I’m delighted by the caring, intelligent, and sweet young lady she’s become. (Excuse me…something in my eye…)

Anyway, even though we took these after graduation, we’re going to count them as senior photos because she hadn’t left for school yet and besides, it’s our blog, so what are you going to do about it? *Ahem* Also, if you’ve got a senior in your house for whom you’d like to get photos, the time to contact us is now. It’s actually cool out and you can get photos made before the college application process has left them looking world-weary and haggard.



(You know, like this.)



It’s been amazing to watch Abby grow up and into a wonderful aunt to her nieces, who adore her.


Abby senior

She may have grown up, but she’s still got great expressions.


We love you, Abby! Now go kick college’s butt!


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