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Gyrotonic Columbia at Lululemon

Lululemon Athletica has opened a new store in Columbia on Divine Street, and on Saturday, they invited Rosemary from Gyrotonic Columbia to come out and do a demo class on the front lawn.

Lululemon Athletica Columbia Showroom

Now, Wendy loves Gyrotonic and is also a big fan of Lululemon’s athletic wear. Me, I’m self-aware enough to know that I get weird looks at the gym if I wear cargo shorts, which I really don’t think is fair. Still, I recognize how energized Wendy is after a class with Rosey and how much better she feels generally when she’s working out with her.

Rosemary stretching at Lululemon Athletica Columbia Showroom

Listening to Rosey and Wendy talk about Lululemon’s clothes, it’s clear that they’re high quality and designed for working out. Even as something of an outsider to the whole stretchy-fitness-scene, I’d heard the name Lululemon referenced as a great company with a quality product. They even have clothes for guys, though I don’t get the impression that I’m their target market. (Krispy Kreme, however, has me in their sights.) No, these are workout clothes and, as you can see on Rosey and Wendy, they’re well suited to the task.

Rosemary Carnes of Gyrotonic Columbia

The gyrokinesis demo at Lululemon Athletica Columbia Showroom

Wendy in her Lululemon outfitHere’s Wendy doing one of the few things that I felt I could comfortably follow along with.

Rosemary doing Gyrokinesis

Rosey leading a gyrokinesis demo at Lululemon Athletica Columbia Showroom

Wendy during the Gyrokinesis demo at Lululemon Athletica Columbia Showroom

BridgePretty sure I can’t do this.

BridgeCan’t do that.

Rosemary is very bendy

Rosemary doing something incredibleNo, definitely can’t do this!

Rosemary doing something unbelieveable incredibleOh. My. Gosh.
And she’s smiling! Why is she smiling?!?!

Finally, a pose I can doFinally, a pose I can handle.

The girls from the Gyrokinesis demo at Lululemon Athletica Columbia Showroom

Here’s a group shot of the girls from the Gyrokinesis class.

If you’d like to see some more of our photos from Gyrotonic Columbia you can click here, and be sure to swing by Lululemon Athletica to gear up before heading to your Gyrotonic, yoga, or CrossFit class. You’ll feel great during your workout and I guarantee you’ll be better dressed than me.

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