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Kristen + Roy: Charleston Wedding

Our last post on blog gave you a peek at Wendy’s sister Kristen’s bridal portraits. Now we’re back with images from the wedding itself.

Kristen and Roy were married on May 25th at First Baptist Church in Charleston. Wendy was both in the wedding and helped to photograph it. Whatever praise you may hear me give my wife, it is never adequate to describe her.

The short version of all this is that Kristen and Roy, two people who we love and who love each other very much got married and it was a beautiful, wonderful, very good day.

Kristen + Roy Wedding Program

Wedding rings on ivy

I’ve said more than once that I am incredibly blessed to have married into a family with great taste in food. Miniature pancakes as snack food? Yes, please!

Silver Dollar Pancakes

My niece Brooke, the flower girl, may literally be made from sugar and spice. (The jury is still out on the Chemical X.)

Brooke getting her nails done

Bride getting her hair done at Stella Nova in Charleston, SC

Roy getting ready

“Oh, nothing, Roy…just look off into the distance like that. You look great!”



Shelley helping with the dress

Love, love, love these kids.

Ethan and Brooke

I love how Brooke looks to her older brother as they walk down the aisle. I also have to give these two credit for making no attempts to steal the show–they certainly have what it takes to pull that off.

Brooke and Ethan

Sid and Kristen

The ceremony

Wendy and Betsy help Kristen with her dress.

The couple

Aren't they cute!

The lovely bride and groom

 I won’t try to describe Kristen and Roy’s first dance. There’s no way I could do it justice. I’ll just say they knocked it out of the park.

Get funky now

The getaway

Congratulations, guys!

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