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Kristen’s Society Hall Bridal Portraits: Charleston, SC

We are truly blessed at Lumos Studio to be able to say without a trace of hyperbole that we love our brides. Time and time again we have photographed women who are beautiful on the outside and even more beautiful within. Kristen, whose portraits we took at Society Hall in Charleston, SC, is obviously stunning. She’s also brilliant, kind, and fun. None of that is really all that surprising to me, though, because she’s also Wendy’s sister.

Yes, Wendy is one of three sisters–each one brilliant, each one beautiful, and now, each one married to an amazing guy. (I said ‘amazing’, not ‘humble’.)

Kristen married her (amazing) fiancé Roy on Saturday at First Baptist Church in Charleston, and while we’ll have photos of that wonderful day coming soon, here are some of her bridal portraits to tide you over until then.

This is what I saw

This is what Wendy saw

Society Hall in Charleston, SC

Bride her wedding gown  She's so pretty

Bride's shoes at society hall in Charleston, SC

Bride at Society Hall in Charleston, SC

Bride backlit at Society Hall in Charleston, SC

I spent most of my life as an only child and growing up I loved it. Marriage came with more blessings than I ever anticipated, though, and one of them was the best, most beautiful baby sister I could possibly ask for. Congratulations, Kristen and Roy! We love you!

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