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Stephanie: Charleston Bridal Portraits

Stephanie got married to Matt last Saturday night, and you know what that means… bridal portraits!!!

Wendy and I have been waiting since July to show you these. Now, some of you may wisely be thinking, “July? In Charleston? In a wedding dress? That can’t be a good idea,” and you, my friend, would be correct. Stephanie, though, is a smart cookie, and one thing she was absolutely clear on was that this shoot would be exclusively indoors. Yes, it’s true that natural light can make for beautiful portraits, but the South Carolina sun is not your friend when you’re wearing 25 pounds of satin. Remember, the air conditioner is your friend.

Our quest for indoor locations led us to the John Rutledge House Inn in downtown Charleston. The home was built in 1763 for John Rutledge, one of the fifty-five signers of the U.S. Constitution. Historical value aside, though, the Inn is beautiful and the staff is absolutely delightful.

Check that eyebrow.

The outside of the inn is covered in gorgeous iron work. As we were exiting, a horse-drawn carriage tour was passing by and the tour guide complimented Stephanie on her gown. She also got some bonus photography at that point, but I haven’t seen how those pictures turned out.

From the John Rutledge House Inn, we moved on to one of my favorite places in Charleston, The Dock Street Theatre. When I was in high school and college, the band Jump, Little Children would end each year by playing (mostly) acoustic shows at the Dock Street accompanied by fantastic guest musicians. Those shows stand out in my memory as some of the greatest art I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing…but I digress.

Here’s the bride:

So, do you think Steph likes Audrey Hepburn?

I love these next two shots that Wendy grabbed while Stephanie sat in the window.

And one more Audrey shot, just for good measure.

As you can see, Stephanie knows how to work the camera. Check back next week when we should have pictures of Steph with her new husband, Matt at their (almost) Halloween wedding. See you soon!

P.S.- If you like the photos, please let us know in the Facebook comment box below. We’re suckers for flattery. :-)

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