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Sarah & Kyle: Engagement Portraits

A couple of weeks ago Wendy and I headed up to Spartanburg to photograph Kyle and Sarah’s engagement session. Though we know Sarah’s brother, Matt (Isaiah’s dad), it was our first time meeting her and Kyle. As it happens, it was also our last chance to meet Kyle before the wedding, since he was flying back to his home in California the following day and wouldn’t be back until the wedding.

Now, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be away from your fiancee for more than a  month immediately before your wedding, but I think when you see the energy between these two, you’ll get some idea of how they feel about each other, and how much they are already looking forward to being reunited.

I swear at no point did we ask them to look like J. Crew models. They did that on their own.

Oh yeah, apparently looking spookily like Scarlett Johansson also comes naturally to Sarah.

Do you think they’ve gotten used to the camera? Maybe?

It’s always good, when shooting an engagement session, to elicit the occasional “Woo-hoo!” from passers-by.

Kyle and Sarah, it was great meeting you two, and we cannot wait to photograph your wedding!

P.S.- We’ve just added Facebook commenting to the blog, so feel free to tell Sarah and Kyle how attractive they are or just generally say nice things using the power of words.

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