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Still Lifes

First, for those of you trying to decide whether I’ve titled this post correctly, here you go. I had to check, myself.

At Lumos Studio, Wendy and I mostly photograph people. But we really like taking photos, and sometimes there just aren’t any people around. (Well, technically, we’re around, but mirror selfies are out and Wendy has a special look for me when I ask if I can try out a new lighting set up on her right after she’s taken off her makeup.) At those times, we sometimes find ourselves looking around the house for things to experiment on. These are a few of those experiments.

This, for example, is one of the roses that I gave Wendy for Valentine’s Day…two weeks after Valentine’s Day.

Photograph of a purple rose

These are some mushrooms that Wendy and her mom found at the grocery store. I can’t recall the name, except that it was hard to pronounce. They were as delicious as they were photogenic.

If you recognize these fungi, could you let me know in the comments what they’re called? I would gladly eat them again.

Strobist mushrooms

This bowl of peaches never stood a chance. I mean look at ’em. They knew they were bound to be a still life eventually. They faced their fate with stoic resolve.

A bowl of peaches

That’s it for tonight. We’ll be back next week with more people-centric photos. In the meantime, why not look back at how cute my new cousin is. I mean, seriously.

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