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Happy Birthday Princess Alethea!

Blog posts are never easy to write. I’m a grammatical perfectionist and strive to communicate with clarity and poise. This leads to a lot of over-thinking. Today’s post is doubly troublesome, though, because my subject is an incredibly talented author. Thus, anything I write is going to be kind of lame by comparison. As such, I’m going to skip the wordiness and get straight to the meat of it.

This is Alethea Kontis. You should read her books-all of them. Some of them are for little kids, some of them are for adults, and some of them are for young adults, which means that she has something you will enjoy…unless you have terrible taste. If you have terrible taste, her books probably aren’t for you, but you should buy them anyway just to look like you have decent taste. Reputation matters.

Alethea Kontis: Author of Enchanted

Also, Alethea is a princess. Now, if you’ve read your George MacDonald, you know that all girls are princesses by virtue of being daughters of the King, but Princess Alethea takes it a step farther by actually dressing the part. (Kids, remember this next time your mom doesn’t want you to wear your tiara to the grocery store.) This, in addition to her natural beauty and effervescence (Woo! spelled it right on the first try!) , makes her a great subject for a photo. When she was in town signing and promoting Enchanted she was kind enough to sit for Wendy and me. I tried to recruit a frog to complete the tableau, but he was uncooperative.

So, to celebrate Princess Alethea’s birthday, give her a shout on Twitter, or on her website, in the comments below, or, better yet, just go buy all her books. I’m pretty sure the princess would appreciate that.


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