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Gabe & Lydia: Married

A few months ago I was talking to my friend Rebekah who is an amazing photographer currently living in Virginia when she told me she was going to be coming down to Greenville in a few months to shoot a wedding. I hadn’t seen her in years, so I asked if she needed any help. I’m guessing she didn’t really need it, but she graciously invited me to second-shoot. This gave me the opportunity to see Rebekah and also to get to meet Gabe and Lydia, both of whom are really cool people, and whose family and friends were delightful to spend time with.

When I arrived at Gabe’s parents’ house, he and the groomsmen hadn’t yet shown up, so I walked around greeting the dogs and the goats (yes, goats) and generally getting a sense of the place. Very shortly though, the guys arrived in this:

The guys with a VW bus

I mean, as a photographer can you ask for more than that? Well, I did.
See, there was this trampoline…

The guys on the trampoline

Lydia, if your husband was smelly on his wedding night I am really, really sorry. It’s my fault.

One thing that you might notice is that Gabe and his groomsmen are wearing brown patent leather shoes. I’d never seen those before and commented on it. Gabe quickly gave the credit to Lydia for finding them, which I think gives a pretty good indication that they’re going to do very well at this marriage business.

If the Volkswagen hadn’t been enough, it turns out that Gabe’s dad also has a classic Shelby Cobra. Despite the fact that Gabe was angry with the car (it had burned Lydia recently with its exhaust pipe) he agreed to be photographed with it. Let me make this clear, Gabe was angry with the car for harming his bride. Like I said, I think they’re off on the right foot.

Lydia and Gabe by the Cobra

Gabe and Lydia opted to see each other before the wedding, so Rebekah went ahead and got a lot of the ‘formals’ out of the way. I snapped this one quickly in order to prove that I could get six children out of a group of seven to completely ignore me.

Group shot from above

Mission accomplished.

Do you see what the flower girls are wearing? That’s right. Green tutus. Come on, it’s like they did the work for me!

Flower girl

After the ceremony, Rebekah got the wedding party to traipse out into a field with us for a few more photos. Please note the pink Gerbera daisies that the bridesmaids carried and that made up Lydia’s bouquet. This girl has style.

Gabe and Lydia with their attendants

From the field we all went to the reception which was lovely and where they were serving very good coffee (important when driving home to Columbia after a long day of shooting). The usual festivities ensued, including, of course, the garter toss.

Garter toss victor

(He looks delighted with his victory.)

I had a great time at the wedding, so big thanks are due to Rebekah for inviting me and to Lydia, Gabe, and their families and friends for being so cool to hang out with. I have no doubt that Gabe and Lydia are going to have a fantastic marriage and I’m really honored to have been a part of its beginning.

The rings

Come back tomorrow as TEN (business) DAYS OF BLOGGING continues…

Christmas in Maryland

We have delayed far too long in posting pics from our Christmas visit to Maryland.  After waiting out one of this year’s infamous snow storms, J.P. and I finally made it to the home of my big sis, bro-in-law, and favorite kids.  Get ready for the cuteness!

Meet Ethan.  Ethan loves to read and play, and he insists on giving you a full tour of the toy box as soon as you walk through the door.

Ethan reads with his daddy

I love this next picture Loren took of Ethan watching J.P. juggle some blocks.  At the time, I was helping my mom prepare for our family photo.  Just look at those bright eyes and that smile!

Here he is opening up some cardboard blocks that took the adults about half an hour to assemble (actually, I’m not sure how long it took us, but those blocks are not coming apart again for some time… too many little cardboard teeth).

Ethan wasn’t as excited about the shark poncho we picked out as he was the blocks, books and puzzles.  I can’t blame the kid, but I sure am glad we got this picture out of it.

This is Brooke, Ethan’s beautiful baby sister.  She is sweet and sociable and thinks Ethan is the funniest thing around.  Brooke’s laugh alone is enough to make my day (this is what I’m talking about).

Here’s Poppy snoozing with little Brooke…

…and Pop holding  Brooke after her nap.

Ethan is a wonderful big brother who will frequently bring his little sis toys to hold and even try to make sure she’s present for story time.  But even the best older siblings will sometimes compete for attention…

The trip was awesome!  Mainly, we lounged around, played with the kids, hung out with Betsy and Loren, and ate their food.  My mom and dad were there, too, so we had some bonus family time consisting of caroling, continued eating, and of course a family photo shoot.

Betsy and Loren are amazing parents and, honestly, first class human beings.  They are family and friends we continue to look up to.

Currently, Loren, Betsy, Ethan and Brooke are reunited after Loren’s recent trip to help out in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.  You can view some of his pictures from the trip here.  Welcome home, Loren!  We love you!

Melissa: Bridal

Welcome to the newly redesigned blog! Now with 46% more picture-y goodness! (Seriously, I did the math.) If you haven’t dropped by our homepage lately, that’s also gotten a facelift, so you might want to check it out.

It’s pretty exciting to have two brides to share with you in two weeks. Melissa also got married last Saturday, but since Wendy and I were in Greenwood photographing Leah and Greg’s wedding and Melissa was down in Florida, getting hitched to Jon, we didn’t get to spend the day with her. Fortunately, she asked us to photograph her for her bridal portrait, so we got a sneak peek at just how beautiful she was going to be on her wedding day.

Melissa told me that she and Jon were getting married in a swamp in Florida. I’m still not sure how literally to take that, but nonetheless we figured it would be a good idea to reflect the outdoors in Melissa’s bridal shoot, so we headed down to Sesquicentennial State Park, where there was still some beautiful fall foliage on the trees.

Of course, we didn’t just stick this bride out in the woodsand make her stand around –we also gave her a chance to sit down…

…and generally be gorgeous while the sun set behind her.

Yup. She’s barefoot. We seem to attract that kind of bride. Thank goodness!

Finally, as the sun went down, we decided to have a little more fun with a bunch of balloons we brought along just for the occasion. They didn’t carry Melissa away cartoon-fashion which was, on the one hand, a bit of a disappointment, but on the other, kept me from having to explain to Jon why his finacée was floating over the city of Columbia in her wedding dress.

Jon and Melissa, we hope marriage is as magnificent for you as it has been for us. You’ve both found someone very special!

To everybody else, check back later in the week for adorable children and next week for Leah and Greg’s teasers!

Leah: Bridal

One of the hardest things about wedding photography is taking bridal photos, being really delighted with them, and then not being able to share them until the wedding. Well, we can finally share with you Leah’s bridal portraits. She and Greg were married Saturday in Greenwood and Wendy and I (and everybody else, as far as I can tell) had a fantastic time.

Way back in September, though, Leah came down to Columbia and we got to capture these lovely images of her in her wedding gown.

Since she was a little girl, Leah had wanted to have her bridal photo taken at the South Carolina State House. We certainly weren’t going to argue with a little girl’s dreams.

Wendy got this picture of Leah that really shows off her amazing blue eyes. Greg’s eyes are almost as bright as you can see from their engagement photos. Their kids’ eyes are going to be gorgeous! (Not that we’re rushing you, guys.)

We had so much fun with Leah that we wound up shooting until the sun went down. Even though there wasn’t much light to work with, we decided to get in a few more shots featuring the lights of Columbia. This was one of our favorites.

We have a lot of pictures to go through, but we’ll be sharing a few quick teasers from Leah and Greg’s wedding next week. Be sure to come back and check them out!

Merry Christmas!

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And strange as it seems
J.P. and Wendy were relaxing
Their apartment was clean!
They’d watched Lost off of Netflix,
Ten episodes or more,
Odd since they’d just started
Watching two days before.
They’d sung ‘long with Sufjan,
Read some Lord of the Rings,
Watched Peanuts and Garfield
From Bittorrent streams.
And soon they’d be dreaming
Of lenses and lights,
Softboxes and snoots
To make portraits look right.
But first to their blog
They posted scenes of cheer
To thank friends and clients
For a wonderful year!

Wendy and I are celebrating our third Christmas together as husband and wife and, if you’ll pardon a little bit of bragging, I’m reminded that I am the luckiest man on earth. Seriously, how many guys have a wife who can decorate cookies like this?

I’m guessing very, very few.

I’d also expect that there aren’t too many wives who would indulge their husbands in decorating their gingerbread men to resemble web comic characters.

Meet Faye and Marten…

…and Winslow and Pintsize.

Now say goodbye to Pintsize.

Besides decorating cookies, we got ready for Christmas by going to “The Lights Before Christmas” at Riverbanks Zoo.

(I think Wendy looks good in red, don’t you?)

I don’t know if the fish were in the Christmas spirit or not. Some of them were kind of sparkly, though.

Meanwhile the Lizards were decked out in their best Christmas green.

Wendy and I wish you a very merry Christmas and suggest that you put a star on your tree…

(Not this one)

…snuggle up with someone you love…

…or in my case…

…and have a happy New Year!

Dog Portrait: Sir Chubbs II

Amie and Chris are an absolutely awesome couple whose wedding we’ll be photographing next May. When Wendy and I sat down with them to talk about their photos, we asked if there were any specific photos they felt they absolutely had to have. It turns out there was only one: a photo of their pug, Sir Chubbs II, wearing a tuxedo.

(Is there really any need for more introduction than that?)

Because Chris and Amie’s wedding is outdoors, Chubbs won’t be able to be in attendance. We learned from them that due to pugs’ shortened breathing passages, they can’t really stand to be out in the heat for extended periods. So, since Chubbs couldn’t be a member of the wedding party, Amie and Chris dressed this precious pooch up in tails and a bow tie for his own pre-wedding portrait just before their engagement session.

Meet Sir Chubbs:

Pug poses for his portrait on a red velvet pillow

Pug looks pitiful as he sits on a red velvet pillow

Pug looks wistful posing on a red velvet pillow

Thoughtful pug on red velvet pillow

After a few casual poses on the pillow, Chubbs changed into his formal attire.

Pug in a tuxedo kind of looks like Winston Churchill (Wendy’s mother said she thinks he looks like Winston Churchill in this picture.)

Pug in a tuxedo poses for his portrait

Pug in a tuxedo has tails on either side of his tail

(Yup, his tail is sticking out from between his tails.)

Pug in a tuxedo lounges

(If they ever make an all-dog version of Oceans 11, Chubbs is a shoo-in.)

Pug in a tuxedo on a red velvet pillow

I have never seriously tried to photograph dogs before, figuring that it would be too hard to pose them and that the noise of the camera and the light from the flashes would spook them. Chubbs, though, was a real trooper, and Chris and Amie were terrific at keeping him where he should be and looking in the right direction. Still, after hundreds of shots and two different outfits, Chubbs had pretty much had it…

Sleepy pug(Don’t feel too bad for him. That expression could be exhaustion or the look a dog gets when he has been stuffed to the brim with doggie treats.)

We actually did photograph Chris and Amie, but we figured Chubbs deserved his own post. Nonetheless, here’s Chubbs with his mom and dad, of whom you’ll be seeing more soon.

Engaged couple with their pug

Remember, sharing is caring, so if you’d like to share Sir Chubbs II with your friends, you can do so easily by clicking on the links below for Facebook, Twitter, or the social whosamawhatsie of your choice. I’m not saying the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future are going to visit you if you don’t share, but why take the risk?

More to come!