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Christmas in Maryland

We have delayed far too long in posting pics from our Christmas visit to Maryland.  After waiting out one of this year’s infamous snow storms, J.P. and I finally made it to the home of my big sis, bro-in-law, and favorite kids.  Get ready for the cuteness!

Meet Ethan.  Ethan loves to read and play, and he insists on giving you a full tour of the toy box as soon as you walk through the door.

Ethan reads with his daddy

I love this next picture Loren took of Ethan watching J.P. juggle some blocks.  At the time, I was helping my mom prepare for our family photo.  Just look at those bright eyes and that smile!

Here he is opening up some cardboard blocks that took the adults about half an hour to assemble (actually, I’m not sure how long it took us, but those blocks are not coming apart again for some time… too many little cardboard teeth).

Ethan wasn’t as excited about the shark poncho we picked out as he was the blocks, books and puzzles.  I can’t blame the kid, but I sure am glad we got this picture out of it.

This is Brooke, Ethan’s beautiful baby sister.  She is sweet and sociable and thinks Ethan is the funniest thing around.  Brooke’s laugh alone is enough to make my day (this is what I’m talking about).

Here’s Poppy snoozing with little Brooke…

…and Pop holding  Brooke after her nap.

Ethan is a wonderful big brother who will frequently bring his little sis toys to hold and even try to make sure she’s present for story time.  But even the best older siblings will sometimes compete for attention…

The trip was awesome!  Mainly, we lounged around, played with the kids, hung out with Betsy and Loren, and ate their food.  My mom and dad were there, too, so we had some bonus family time consisting of caroling, continued eating, and of course a family photo shoot.

Betsy and Loren are amazing parents and, honestly, first class human beings.  They are family and friends we continue to look up to.

Currently, Loren, Betsy, Ethan and Brooke are reunited after Loren’s recent trip to help out in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.  You can view some of his pictures from the trip here.  Welcome home, Loren!  We love you!

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