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Leah & Greg: Engaged

This is an especially exciting post for me because the lovely young lady featured in it was my student the first year I taught high school. Leah and Greg met later, though, while they were both attending Lander University. It’s there that Greg, the big romantic, asked Leah out for the first time via AOL Instant Messenger. (Even now, some of you are reminiscing: “Aw, I remember AOL IM!”) Technological nostalgia aside, however, Leah eventually agreed to go on a date with Greg and it must have gone pretty well, because they’re getting married in Greenwood in January.

Greg and Leah decided to have both their engagement photos and Leah’s bridal photos taken on the same day, and Leah was an absolute trooper posing for us for hours on end. She had a fantastic attitude toward it, though, and it shows in her pictures. (You’ll have to wait for the bridal portraits, but take my word for it, Greg, you’re going to be blown away!)

Leah and Greg hold hands on the horseshoe

We started out with some photos on the Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina.

Greg and Leah pose on the steps of the McKissick Museum

Leah hopped on Greg’s back in front of the McKissick Museum

Leah rides on Greg's back in front of the McKissick Museum at USC

…Wendy and I both thought it was a great idea.

Leah rides on Greg's back in front of the McKissick Museum at USC

After a while, we moved down to the Vista and found this fantastic wall.

Leah smiles for the camera while Greg looks on

I like that Greg cracks Leah up.

Leah laughing

I don’t recall the exact instructions we gave Greg and Leah here, but I think they involved the words, “like a model.” They nailed it.

Leah and Greg pose by the bright red brick wall

Leah pulling Greg to the next photo site

Greg and Leah, thanks for a wonderful day. We’re looking forward to celebrating and capturing your wedding day.

Everybody else, it’s no TEN (business) DAYS OF BLOGGING, but there are adorable baby photos, some unofficial wedding photos, and possibly a Snuggie photo coming up in the next few days. Check back soon!

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3 Responses to “Leah & Greg: Engaged”

  1. Loren says:

    Great execution of spontaneity and poses! I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the red wall.

  2. Stacy Bowen says:

    These are awesome!!!!

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