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Greg and Leah: South Carolina Wedding

We’ve had a really busy couple of months here at Lumos Studio, filled with bridal shows, the Professional Photographers of South Carolina convention, and lots and lots of photography. Unfortunately, that means the blog hasn’t gotten the attention it has deserved. The good news is that this week we’re having FIVE (business) DAYS OF BLOGGING! Check back tomorrow and for the next three days after that for a constantly-updated stream of photography.

We’re starting the week off with an awesome wedding from back in January. You should remember Leah and Greg from their engagement session and from Leah’s bridal session. This was an incredibly special wedding for me not only because Leah is a former student of mine, but because not one, not two, but three of her bridesmaids are my former students! Add to that the fact that I teach with both of her parents, and that everybody involved is simply a whole lot of fun, and, well, we had an amazing time. Check it out.

Leah and Greg were married in Greenwood, SC, so Wendy and I started out the day by driving out to the church to get a look around and scout locations. It turns out that Leah was there dropping off her dress, so we also took that time to get a few shots of the dresses and other accoutrements.

After photographing a few of the details, Wendy went to photograph Leah and her bridesmaids getting ready while I got the guys.

I absolutely love this photo of Leah that Wendy grabbed before the ceremony.

Finally, it was time for the ceremony.

Wendy and I think that a wedding ceremony is one of the most beautiful symbols of love that exists. Sadly, not everyone can work up the level of excitement about them that we have.

Next, we moved on to the reception, which was held at the Sundance Gallery which belongs to Jon Holloway, who is not only an amazing photographer, but a very gracious guy.

The food at the reception was not only beautiful…

…it was delicious.

From there on out, everybody pretty much just had an awesome time.

Leah’s brother and sister-in-law apparently thought the whole affair was very romantic.

…fortunately, so did Greg and Leah.

What would a wedding post be without a good sword photo?

…or the grandmother with the beer can pyramid?

…or one last dance with the girls before departing.

And goodnight everybody!

We wish Leah and Greg the absolute best in their new life together!

We’re only on day one of the FIVE (business) DAYS OF BLOGGING, so check back all this week for kids, actors, and even…web developers?

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