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Lauren: Bridal

I’m fairly certain that we’ve never included military hardware in a bridal shoot. Today we remedy that.

Lauren started off her bridal shoot at our place with some shots on a simple gray background.

Lauren strikes a coy pose

Lauren blows a kiss

Lauren looks shy

One of the wonderful things about photographing Lauren, though, is that the shots didn’t stay simple for long.

Lauren in her cowboy hat

After breaking out the cowboy hat, Lauren showed off her United States Air Force garter. (If I were single I would have actually tried to catch this one.)

The Air Force garter

We didn’t stay in one place for too long on this shoot, though. Next we headed over to the South Carolina State House where we took this shot on the gorgeous marble floor.  (Doesn’t her dress look like something Marilyn Monroe might have worn?)

Lauren on the floor at the South Carolina State House

By this point, we’d been shooting for a couple of hours, so we thought Lauren deserved a break.

Lauren chills in her cowboy boots

Don’t you love the boots? You’d think that would be enough, wouldn’t you?
Not Lauren!

Lauren with combat boots and F-16

Why settle for just cowboy boots in your bridal shoot when you can also also have combat boots? (Answer: no reason at all.)

Lauren, you see, served for several years in the Air Force Reserve as a bomb loader or, as she affectionately called the position, a “load toad”. I’d love to show you tons and tons of pictures of Lauren with the F-16, but frankly, the guys at McEntire Joint National Guard Base scared me silly that I’d accidentally post something that gave away national secrets. (You might note that this F-16 has no weapons whatsoever on it.) The bicycles (they’re actually tricycles) in the background are apparently not weaponized…yet.

Despite my fear of being whisked away by armed men in a camouflage jeep, here’s one more picture of the beautiful bride and one serious flying machine.

Lauren, F-16, American Flag

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