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Playful Bridal Portraits with Rosemary

Do we seem excited? It’s because we are! Partially about the season premier of The Walking Dead, but mostly about the fact that Rosey and Chris are married! And that means that we can share with you these bridal portraits that we took of Rosey!

Modern bridal portrait

You can understand our excitement, no?

Bride looking over her shoulder

Rosemary and Chris were married Saturday on Folly beach. It must have been a fairly popular date and location for weddings, because we saw one wedding to our right and another to our left just slightly later in the afternoon. I’ll give you one guess which of the three brides was the most beautiful, though…

Gorgeous bride in a field

Gorgeous bride in a field of flowers in Columbia, SC

You might remember Rosemary from our earlier posts about Gyrotonic Columbia. Since then, she’s also competed nationally in yoga. (Yeah, I didn’t know that yoga was a competitive sport either. I’d love to hear the trash talk. “You think you’re serene?! You think you’re serene?! I’ll show you serene!”) I think her hard work has paid off.

Lovely bride holding her dressThe clouds were very cooperative that evening.

Beautiful bride spinning in her wedding dress in Columbia, SC

We had a blast getting these playful bridal portraits with Rosey. On top of everything else, Rosemary is a dancer (and used to dance with Wendy) so she knows how to move!

A playful photo of the bride

Isn’t she elegant?

Isn't Rosey an elegant bride?

So dramatic!

Even in the simplest of settings, Rosey pulls of such a graceful form. She really makes our job easy.

Nobody puts Rosey in a corner! Okay, actually we do, but she works it.

Beautiful bride lying on the floor

Rosey, we love you! Thank you for being so lovely in your wedding dress and for being willing to play with us to get these photos.

Come back very soon, everyone! We’ll have a teaser from Chris and Rosey’s wedding later this week that will include yoga (non-competitive), surfing, a crazy cute baby, and an absolutely lovely bride and groom.


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