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La Ville en Rose

(Today’s post is light on photography-talk; if you’d like to look at gorgeous brides you have some options. Hopefully, though, when you choose your wedding photographers, you’ll seek out folks who are multi-talented, like my gorgeous wife, to whom I’ll now hand the mic…or keyboard. -J.P.)

I enjoy pointing out how freeing it is to draw on the wall of one’s home. It’s the kind of art that lets you feel like a kid again. J.P. and I have built in the wall-drawing experience at our house by coating one of ours in that wonderful invention called chalkboard paint. My advice: Do use chalkboard paint; do not use magnetic primer, and do not neglect to sand your wall sufficiently. Ours is a little gritty in places, but despite a few scuffed up fingers, I still enjoy it.

Here’s a time-lapse video of my latest wall art created for submission to the Michaels Springtime in Paris contest. If you’re familiar with the expression “la vie en rose,” which is usually used to talk about seeing life through rose-colored glasses, you will notice that in my project title, “vie” has been changed to “ville.” In springtime, the city of Paris is adorned with pink cherry blossoms which only enhance its elegance and allure.

La ville en rose:

Finally, the finished product:

Chalk mural of Paris in the spring

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