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Folly Beach Wedding – Cris and Rosey

Cris and Rosey had their wedding on Folly Beach on the second weekend of October. Given that this is South Carolina, the weather was gorgeous and I still managed to get a sunburn. It was totally worth it, though!

You probably remember Rosey from her gorgeous bridal portraits. Well, now it’s time to take a look at her wedding to Cris.

Rosey, being a perfectly sane person, slept in on her wedding day, then lounged around in her pajamas while drinking mimosas and…wait, no. No. That’s not what she did at all. First, she got up at dawn and went for a jog…

Nuh-uh…then she went out on the beach and did some yoga. You know, like ya’ do.

Um, no

Rosemary’s sisters joined her in her beach yoga which I think shows a tremendous, tremendous amount of love.


But hey, at least you can always count on the guys to laze around the morning of the wedding, I mean, if they’re even awake. Cris is probably just stumbling out of bed–maybe going to play some video games before he…


Nope. He’s surfing. I didn’t even know you could surf at Folly Beach, but apparently where’s there’s a will, there’s a wave.

Laughing babyThanks, kid, I’ll be here all week.

Eventually, though, it was time to pack in the board and go get married.

Groom walking in the surf on Folly Beach

Surely at this point Rosey has settled down for some coffee or maybe…

A bride doing yoga on Folly Beach before her wedding

…she’s pointing her toe at the sky as though mocking physiology itself.

A cute baby laughs with her grandmother

I’m just cutting back to adorable baby at this point in order to show a photograph of someone I feel convinced I could take in a foot race.

Seriously, though, Rosey, it’s time to get dressed. There’s a wedding to have! You’ve got to…

A bride  does yoga before getting into her dress…do some planks before getting into your gown.

Fine, I’m just going to go take photos of the rings.


Well, eventually, everybody did decide to come in off the beach and get this wedding started.





I love this face from Cris.  Some folks look nervous during the ceremony. Not these two. (I don’t know, maybe it’s the yoga.)





After the ceremony, it was just a great time of hanging out with friends and family.


…and a little dancing on the beach.

Bride and groom kiss on Folly Beach in South Carolina

Cris and Rosey, as much as your incredibly healthy lifestyles are an inspiration, your love is even moreso. Wendy and I have loved spending time with you guys and wish you all the best in this new adventure.

If you’re not Cris or Rosey, you can tell them how beautiful they are in the comment box below, or you can check out some other weddings from people who aren’t quite so bendy.

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