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Senior Photos: Rebekah

Seniors have been woefully underrepresented on the blog, and so, before getting back into our usual wedding-heavy rotation, I thought we’d include a few from Rebekah’s shoot last spring.

At that time, Rebekah was one of my students. It would be pretty well impossible to capture Rebekah’s awesomeness in a few words on a blog. Let’s just say she was instrumental in the Snuggie incident and leave it at that.


Rebecca in a field of tiny yellow flowers. (No, botany isn't really my forte.)

Rebekah loves to read, which, as someone who taught English for years, has a special appeal to me.  I liked the idea of this girl who loves to read, but also loves the outdoors, so even when the sun has gone down she hunkers down by a window with her book, unable to let go of the story despite the faded light. Rebekah was nice enough to play along.

GIrl reads in a field by the light of a window

It’s tough to believe Rebekah has already finished her first semester of college. (She’s doing fantastically, by the way.) It’s a good reminder, though, that time moves quickly, so you’d better hurry and read those good books while you can!

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