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Samantha: Bridal Portraits at First Presbyterian Church

You know how some people’s personalities just shine through in photos? I’m not one of those people. I have two photo faces: smirk, and mildly-cheesy grin. Samantha, on the other hand is one of those people. Even if I didn’t know her, looking at her photos I’d think, “That seems like somebody who is genuinely enjoying life. I’d like to hang out with her.” I would be right, too.

Samantha married one of my former students, Ryan. (You might remember Ryan’s sister, Rebekah’s, senior photos.) Ryan is a tough guy to describe. He’s artistic, analytical, and profoundly goofy. This is him with some of his art:

An imperial stormtrooper hand pained on a skateboard

While teaching Ryan rhetoric, the class was given the assignment to prepare a presentation in which they taught their fellow students something. Ryan opted to teach his classmates how to crank dat Soulja Boy. There are many moments as a teacher when you stand back and just feel pride at the positive effect you’re having on the future.

That was not one of those moments.

Still, it is one of my more memorable experiences as a teacher and definitely marked Ryan as one to watch. Enough about him, though, because, although he’s accomplished plenty, convincing the lady below to marry him is undoubtedly his greatest achievement.

Smiling bride in black and whiteYes, a guy who paints graffiti and “cranks dat” got her to marry him. I am truly a great rhetoric teacher.

Bride looking over her shoulder

 Samantha is this fantastic combination of sweet, smart, and enthusiastic that makes her the perfect addition to one of my favorite families.

Bridal Portrait at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC

Samantha smiling

Ryan and Samantha were married at First Presbyterian Church, which made a gorgeous backdrop for Samantha’s bridals.

Samantha in her bridal gown at First Pres

Bride on the steps of First Presbyterian Church

Samantha, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Please continue to keep Ryan out of trouble, and bring him around every once in a while to visit his old teacher, okay?

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