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Senior Photos: Christy

Given that Wendy and I are both high school teachers, it’ might seem a little odd that we’d never done any senior photos before now. Maybe it’s because, for me, senior portraits always conjured up images of heading down to Olan Mills, putting on a dickie and tuxedo jacket several dozen guys had worn before me then tilting my head at an uncomfortable angle while trying to look natural.

That was not for us.

We decided that if we were going to take senior photos, we were going to make images that our clients could actually get excited about. We were going to make images that we could get excited about. As such, Christy was a wonderful first subject.

Apart from her other wonderful qualities, Christy has an awesome sense of style. It’s a good thing, because she’s looking at studying fashion marketing in college. Taking that into account, it only made sense to take her shoot in a fashion-y direction. I even asked her to practice making the faces that models do in fashion ads. I think she pulled it off magnificently!

So that’s senior session #1 from Lumos Studio. If you’re getting ready to be a senior and want something that’s a little more you than a black wrap and a canned smile drop us a line at and set up your session for this summer before your hair turns gray from filling out college and scholarship applications.

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3 Responses to “Senior Photos: Christy”

  1. Gorgeous, you guys! I don’t have many regrets about moving cross-country the summer before my senior year. My senior photos are on the list though. At my high school in Washington everyone had beautiful outdoor photos taken, black and white and sepia and all that fancy (for the mid-90s) stuff. Then I moved to South Carolina when I was 16 and got a black drape and a canned smile. Oooh, and I was a little blurry around the edges. Sweet. Or not.
    If I had a time machine, I’d get new Senior photos. That wouldn’t mess with the space-time continuum too much, would it? I’ll ask the Doctor if he ever shows up.

  2. Kim says:

    Christy, you look lovely as always. Nice job JP & Wendy!

  3. Great shots! The studio headshot is very fashiony looking!

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