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Freeway Music Fall Student Showcase

Nietzsche wrote, “Without music, life would be a mistake,” but Wendy tells me I need to stop quoting him or else people are going to think I subscribe to his philosophy. (I don’t, but I do admire his intellect and, of course, his mustache.)  Nietzsche, though, neglected to point out that the music ought to be good, and that good music requires musicians who strive to master their art. That brings us to Freeway Music, Columbia’s place to learn how to rock…or play other styles of music that don’t have their own verb.

I take bass at Freeway from Don Russo. Don runs the Northeast branch of Freeway and plays guitar, bass, mandolin, and I strongly suspect many other instruments as well. Don is a fantastic player and a fantastic teacher as well–I’ve grown tremendously as a bassist under his tutelage.  In addition to bass and guitar, students at Freeway can take private lessons for piano, drums, voice, woodwinds, strings, horns, mandolin, and banjo. This Sunday, myself and dozens of other students got to show off our progress at the Fall Student Showcase. The show was divided into two sets, so today we’re just featuring the first one. Come back on Thursday to see images from the second set.



Freeway-Music-Showcase-003 (more…)

Rachel and Adam’s Island House Wedding

Rachel and Adam had a beautiful fall-themed wedding at The Island House on Johns Island and Wendy and I were lucky enough to get to photograph it for them.

We had a hard time narrowing this wedding down to our favorite photos and while we think the beautiful couple and the amazing wedding they put together is reason enough to scroll all the way through, there’s a special, awesome surprise for USC fans at the end. Clemson fans, there’s also a lot of purple in the wedding, so, there’s that for ya’.

Island House Wedding Charleston-1

Here’s the lovely bride…

Rachel getting ready

Rachel getting into her dress

…and her handsome groom.


See the notes Rachel and Adam are writing? Keep those in mind. They appear later.
(That’s called foreshadowing.)


Rachel (more…)

Senior Photos: Ethan

Happy day-after-Halloween, everyone!

I hope your trick-or-treating adventures were fruitful–though not literally. Fruit is not an acceptable Halloween treat. Chocolate. Chocolate is what you should have gotten. If you’re an adult and you gave out fruit I just…I don’t even know what to say to you. Life must have beaten you down pretty badly, and I’m sorry.

Anyway, while you’re riding the sugar high of your child’s pilfered candy (or, like us, leftover candy that you hid from trick-or-treaters didn’t eat) we hope you’ll enjoy Ethan’s senior photos.

Ethan is a senior this year at Ben Lippen, and he wanted senior photos showcasing his most beloved posession: his guitar Jane.

Rock and roll senior portrait(I may have had a little too much fun with this one…)

Columbua SC Senior portraitHere the sky cooperated nicely with us. Thanks, sky. (more…)

Dance Portraits – Charlotte and Lillie

We’re back with more portraits of people who can do things that I (J.P.) can’t do.

Charlotte and Lillie have been dancing for many years and, based on these moves, have been working hard on it. Here Charlotte demonstrates what appears to be a still from that kung-fu/ballet crossover classic Pointe of the Dragon*.


And here you’ll see Lillie practicing her deadly “Grand Jet-Li”.

Dancer leaping (more…)

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