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The Mirosavich Family Photos

The Mirosaviches got in touch with us because they had the rare opportunity to get all three generations of their family together to celebrate their patriarch’s birthday. (“Patriarch” sounds better than “granddad”, right?) It was great to get photos not only of the whole family, but of the family units therein, and, of course, the kiddos.

Grandma and Grandpa(pictured: not the kiddos)

Family portrait

Family portrait

Cute little girl

Don't disturb me when I'm reading!Do not disturb her when she’s reading!

Laughing babySuper-smiley, despite a tiny little tooth just beginning to peek in. (Super-drooly because of a tiny little tooth…)

Brother and sister photographSibling love.

Cute little girl hugging herself

Mother kissing her babyMama-kisses make him so happy!

Three generation family portrait

Thoughtful baby“Hmm…should I pursue neurobiology or become an eyelash model? Decisions, decisions…”

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