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Kristen + Roy: Charleston Wedding

Our last post on blog gave you a peek at Wendy’s sister Kristen’s bridal portraits. Now we’re back with images from the wedding itself.

Kristen and Roy were married on May 25th at First Baptist Church in Charleston. Wendy was both in the wedding and helped to photograph it. Whatever praise you may hear me give my wife, it is never adequate to describe her.

The short version of all this is that Kristen and Roy, two people who we love and who love each other very much got married and it was a beautiful, wonderful, very good day.

Kristen + Roy Wedding Program

Wedding rings on ivy

I’ve said more than once that I am incredibly blessed to have married into a family with great taste in food. Miniature pancakes as snack food? Yes, please!

Silver Dollar Pancakes

My niece Brooke, the flower girl, may literally be made from sugar and spice. (The jury is still out on the Chemical X.)

Brooke getting her nails done

Bride getting her hair done at Stella Nova in Charleston, SC

Roy getting ready

“Oh, nothing, Roy…just look off into the distance like that. You look great!”



Shelley helping with the dress

Love, love, love these kids.

Ethan and Brooke

I love how Brooke looks to her older brother as they walk down the aisle. I also have to give these two credit for making no attempts to steal the show–they certainly have what it takes to pull that off.

Brooke and Ethan

Sid and Kristen

The ceremony

Wendy and Betsy help Kristen with her dress.

The couple

Aren't they cute!

The lovely bride and groom

 I won’t try to describe Kristen and Roy’s first dance. There’s no way I could do it justice. I’ll just say they knocked it out of the park.

Get funky now

The getaway

Congratulations, guys!

Kristen’s Society Hall Bridal Portraits: Charleston, SC

We are truly blessed at Lumos Studio to be able to say without a trace of hyperbole that we love our brides. Time and time again we have photographed women who are beautiful on the outside and even more beautiful within. Kristen, whose portraits we took at Society Hall in Charleston, SC, is obviously stunning. She’s also brilliant, kind, and fun. None of that is really all that surprising to me, though, because she’s also Wendy’s sister.

Yes, Wendy is one of three sisters–each one brilliant, each one beautiful, and now, each one married to an amazing guy. (I said ‘amazing’, not ‘humble’.)

Kristen married her (amazing) fiancé Roy on Saturday at First Baptist Church in Charleston, and while we’ll have photos of that wonderful day coming soon, here are some of her bridal portraits to tide you over until then.

This is what I saw

This is what Wendy saw

Society Hall in Charleston, SC

Bride her wedding gown  She's so pretty

Bride's shoes at society hall in Charleston, SC

Bride at Society Hall in Charleston, SC

Bride backlit at Society Hall in Charleston, SC

I spent most of my life as an only child and growing up I loved it. Marriage came with more blessings than I ever anticipated, though, and one of them was the best, most beautiful baby sister I could possibly ask for. Congratulations, Kristen and Roy! We love you!

Engagement Session: Brian and Sara

When I moved back to Columbia for my Master’s, Brian was one of the first new friends I made. That’s probably because he was one of the few people who spent as much time in Cool Beans as I did. It’s also because we fall easily into lengthy conversations that span topics ranging from literature to educational theory to whether the latest superhero movie is likely to be any good. I didn’t meet Sara until much later, but I taught with her (awesome) mom for several years. In fact, after Brian and Sara had been dating a while, her mom asked my opinion on Brian. (Don’t worry, Brian, I gave you a good review!)

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

Let’s talk about the lovely couple, though. First off, I think that they may have the best jobs of any couple we’ve photographed so far. Brian is a writer/professor. No, really, a real writer. He’s on Amazon and everything. (By the way, that link leads to his novel Through a Pale Door. The protagonist’s name in that novel? Sarah. Yeah, there’s an ‘h’ at the end, but I’m assuming that’s a typesetting error. Did I mention that he wrote Through a Pale Door a few years before he met Sara? Or that the protagonist of the first novel of his that I ever read was named Sarah? I’m not saying Brian is prescient or anything, but…) Anyway, I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t show up for the engagement session in a tweed jacket with suede elbow patches, but it was a good reminder to me to always consult on wardrobe.

Photobombed by a flower

Holding hands

Sara, on the other hand, works with monkeys, apes, and small mammals, which you’ll know, if you’ve ever taught, is pretty much just like teaching. Hah! I kid! (Not really.)


But yeah, I definitely picture the two of them teaming up, getting some grant money, and finally finding out just how many monkeys typing it takes to produce the Twilight series*.

I call this my "paparrazi shot"

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

Don't they look debonair?

Brian + Sara: Engagement portrait on USC's Horseshoe

We finished up the shoot in Cool Beans, because love goes better with coffee…

Brian and Sara at the bst coffee shop in the world!

…and Battlestar Galactica reenactments.


Battlestar Galactica dog tags and engagement ring



*(I’m kidding, of course. Everyone knows the answer is three monkeys, plus a bottle of cheap gin.)

Hans+Lou: Engagement Photos of a Couple Sweeter than Pi

It’s the same old story: boy math teacher who loves theatre meets girl math teacher who loves theatre…it’s simple addition, really. Until the kids come–then it’s multiplication. In any case, it certainly doesn’t involve any bad math puns.

Hans and Lou are a couple of polymaths whose I’ve been privileged to know for the past several years (well, Hans, mostly). Apart from their knowledge of the arithmetic, geometric, and trigonometric arts they tread the boards as actors, Lou has a spectacular singing voice and Hans, as far as I can tell, picked up landscape painting in a single weekend with the help of a Bob Ross DVD. On top of all that, they’re playful, funny, and kind. It’s always delightful to see two great people who fit together so well find each other.

We can’t wait to photograph your wedding, guys!


Gee your forehead smells wonderful!

Hans + Lou

Hans + LouHans + Lou in black and white

Hans+Lou Engagement Pictures

Hans + Lou + The Gervais Street Bridge

Hans+ Lou by the Gervais Street Bridge

Are they cute or what?

Happy Birthday Princess Alethea!

Blog posts are never easy to write. I’m a grammatical perfectionist and strive to communicate with clarity and poise. This leads to a lot of over-thinking. Today’s post is doubly troublesome, though, because my subject is an incredibly talented author. Thus, anything I write is going to be kind of lame by comparison. As such, I’m going to skip the wordiness and get straight to the meat of it.

This is Alethea Kontis. You should read her books-all of them. Some of them are for little kids, some of them are for adults, and some of them are for young adults, which means that she has something you will enjoy…unless you have terrible taste. If you have terrible taste, her books probably aren’t for you, but you should buy them anyway just to look like you have decent taste. Reputation matters.

Alethea Kontis: Author of Enchanted

Also, Alethea is a princess. Now, if you’ve read your George MacDonald, you know that all girls are princesses by virtue of being daughters of the King, but Princess Alethea takes it a step farther by actually dressing the part. (Kids, remember this next time your mom doesn’t want you to wear your tiara to the grocery store.) This, in addition to her natural beauty and effervescence (Woo! spelled it right on the first try!) , makes her a great subject for a photo. When she was in town signing and promoting Enchanted she was kind enough to sit for Wendy and me. I tried to recruit a frog to complete the tableau, but he was uncooperative.

So, to celebrate Princess Alethea’s birthday, give her a shout on Twitter, or on her website, in the comments below, or, better yet, just go buy all her books. I’m pretty sure the princess would appreciate that.