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Peri’s Charleston Bridal Portraits

Peri and Steven are married! While we put the finishing touches on their wedding photos, we thought you might like to see just how beautiful a bride Peri is.


“Really, really beautiful” is how beautiful, by the way. We would also have accepted, “incredibly beautiful”, “stunningly beautiful”, or “astonishingly beautiful.”


We had the beautiful backdrop of Hampton Park in Charleston for these portraits, which were apparently so attractive that some of the local fauna decided to try to get in on the action. (Honestly, I like the grey over white look, but the black hat might be a little formal for an outdoor wedding.)


Peri is a graduate of the College of Charleston, so we decided to pay the cistern a visit.



I love the way her skin glows is this golden light!


Peri’s shoes are from the awesome Charleston Shoe Company. Apart from being local, their shoes are handmade and, I’m told, incredibly comfortable.


Peri and her family love the water so we had to get some shots that incorporated it. (Thank you for being so brave!)

Bride by the docks in Charleston, SC

Finally, the light was just about to die so we stopped right where we were on the Battery to shoot. Turns out this is where Steven proposed to Peri!

Peri in her bridal gown as the sun sets

We’ll have more photos from Steven and Peri in the near future, so check back soon!

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