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Carolina CrossFit – A Teaser

Wendy and I got up earlier than we usually do this morning in order to photograph some of the students and trainers at Carolina CrossFit. We’ve only begun to go through the photos, but we wanted to share a few quickly to encourage you to come out to The Famously Hot Showdown they’re putting on this Saturday. If you’re a fan of fitness, you’ll appreciate these folks. So, check out these folks that seriously make me reconsider my Netflix+CookOut addiction, and come back soon to see more from this great community.

Barbell press from the back

A woman climbs a rope

Getting ready to lift

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  1. […] been a fairly CrossFit-filled couple of weeks here at Lumos Studio, but I did call our last post about Carolina CrossFit a “teaser”, so I guess it would be duplicitous to not share at least a few more photos […]

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