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Carolyn + Dustin: A Columbia Wedding

Today we’re taking a sneak peek at Carolyn and Dustin’s wedding. Carolyn (like my gorgeous wife, Wendy) is one of three sisters, all of whom are lovely and all of whom I’ve known for several years now.  I don’t know what is is about sets of three sisters (we photographed another set recently), but it seems like they’re consistently beautiful. There’s probably some genetic explanation for it, but I prefer to believe it has to do with fairy godparents.

In keeping with fairy-tale decorum, Carolyn found a prince and got married so that suitors are free to pursue her younger sisters. (That’s how it works, right?) Of course, to marry the princess, a suitable suitor must arise. This isn’t the dark ages, though; we’re not talking about a guy on a white horse looking to score a maiden who has huge tracts of land. No, Carolyn needed to find a man who could match the passion and conviction of her beliefs, and she found just such a suitor in Dustin.

Dustin had to come from the far-off land of Colorado to find Carolyn, but I’m sure he’d agree the journey was well worth it.

Now, every princess needs her attendants, and Carolyn is no different in this respect. Here is her sister preparing for the ball…er, wedding.

But princes get to have their comrades-in-arms, too.

Every princess needs pretty things.

A gift from the prince never hurts.

…especially when it’s shiny.

The princess gets a kiss from her mom before the ceremony.

Last minute instructions never hurt.

If fairy-tales have taught us anything it’s that kisses are magical.

…and there was much rejoicing!

…and a little more kissing.

…and then on to the ball! (Reception, whatever!)

…where there was feasting!

And dancing!


And some just standing around looking good.

A grand time was had by all. Huge thanks to the magic workers who helped make it all happen, like Jenise Etheredge from Help Me Plan, Rex from Woolbright Floral, Signature Transportation, who ferried the bridal party safely from place to place in the party carriage, and to Intensity, who kept everyone at the ball dancing all night long.

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