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Kim and Matt: Maternity (and Paternity?)

School is finally out and at long last Wendy and I are able to focus on photography and, more importantly, each other. Now that we have a little bit of leisure, we’re excited to share with you some of the images we’ve captured over the past month. In order to do that, I’ll (J.P.) be posting a new blog entry each week day for the next two weeks. Check back in and see three weddings, three mothers-to-be, one bride-to-be (who’s now a bride), and a band from North Carolina who’ll be appearing at this year’s Cornerstone Festival. So enjoy these photos from Kim’s maternity session and keep checking back to find out what’s been keeping us from hanging out with our friends enough lately.

Kim and Matt are an awesome couple that Wendy and I met when Kim started teaching with me and they invited us over to their apartment to eat the delicious dinner Kim had prepared while they regaled us with stories of life at Bob Jones University. It took us almost a year to finally get them over to our place because, you know, if you have people over you have to clean and, if you have them for dinner, you have to cook. Our solution was to invite them over to document Kim’s pregnancy with their first child. We still had to clean, but all the cooking we did was to brew a cup of coffee–just about my speed.

Kim and Matt’s excitement about this baby is evident in the way they talk about him and in the way they interact with him in his present bump-ish state.

Additionally, they’re pretty crazy about each other.

Unfortunately, sometimes Matt pushes Kim too far.

(Actually, something had blown into his eye, and Kim was very sweetly helping him remove it…but I still say it looks like an eye gouge.)

Wendy and I had a great time with Matt and Kim and are looking forward to meeting the new addition to their family in a couple of months.

Stay tuned for nine more posts over the next two weeks and come back around August to find out how cute this baby is when he’s ditched the uterus for new digs on the outside.

(Update Oct 25, 2009: Isaiah has arrived and you can see his baby pictures here!)

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