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Britt’s Back, and, as Always, Beautiful

Sometimes you just have to have some fun.

Quite a while ago, Wendy and I photographed Britt’s bridal portraits and her wedding to the ever-ebullient Jason. Britt is about as easy to work with as they come. She’s gorgeous, she spent time modeling, and she’s an actress, too, meaning she’s incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. Well, since her wedding, Britt has been working on television, and last year made the move out to L.A. to pursue a career in entertainment in earnest. Before going, though, she got in touch with us about taking some headshots for her to bring along to auditions. These are not those. No, after we’d gotten what we needed in terms of headshots, we decided to play around for a while and just have some fun. These photos are a little piece of that time. We hope you enjoy them!

Britt models for the camera

Britt looking a little vampiric

A portrait of Britt with red lipstick

Britt with red lipstick and green sweater

Britt rocks a floppy hat

 We’ll see you next week!

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