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Senior Photos: Vivien

Let me introduce Vivien.

Vivien has been a friend of ours for many years. When she was little, Wendy taught her ballet, and she was the flower girl at our wedding. (She did a great job, by the way.) While Vivien isn’t technically a senior, when you’re as lovely as she is any time is a good one for a portrait session and besides, “not-quite-senior-photos” doesn’t really have a ring to it.

It’s tempting to tell you that Vivien is a dancer, and a fantastic one at that but, frankly, if you can’t figure that out from the photos, then no amount of text is going to help you.

Ballet senior portrait

It’s much harder to get across in a photo how sweet Vivien is, but I think Wendy did a pretty terrific job with this next one.


For these photos, Wendy and I hung out with Vivien at 701 Whaley and basically made her jump, and jump, and jump, and occasionally lounge in a window. (Even dancers deserve a break.)

Ballerina sitting in window

Ballerina sitting in window

We might have asked her to just twirl a little bit, too.

Vivien twirling

Girl's senior photo

Modern dancer in red

Dancer in red

Vivien is well on her way to achieving her goal of dancing professionally for the New York City Ballet. While Wendy chose not to pursue dance professionally, I think the grace and discipline that her studies engendered radiate in everything she does. Don’t think, though, that just the ladies can have grace, poise, and athleticism. When testing light, I’m willing to show off my moves, too…

J.P. soaring gracefully through the air

 My form would be better, but my tights were at the cleaners.

The summer is flying by, and if you’re ready to have your senior photos made, drop us a line by clicking here or call us at 803.386.9197 to arrange a free consultation.

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