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Ben + Angel: Engagement Session

The new year is now officially in full-swing, and for some of us, our first full week of work looms darkly ahead. If recent bowl games and the last few days’ spring-like weather weren’t enough to lift your spirits, hopefully Ben and Angel’s photos will help dispel some of that gloom and get you ready to face the week with a spring in your step. I’ll offer some pointers along the way in case you need a little nudge.

Of course, the best way to start off any week is with coffee.

A couple sips coffee during their engagement photos

Like Wendy and me, Ben and Angel spent a good bit of their courtship hanging out at a coffee shop together. However, while Wendy and I stared adoringly at each other over cups of Cool Beans coffee, Ben and Angel were doing much the same across the river at Cafe Strudel. So, tip one is: Start your week at a local coffee house. You’ll definitely find good coffee and you might find love…

Ben and Angel didn’t actually meet at Cafe Strudel, though. They met at a show at New Brooklyn Tavern. You might have guessed from the photo that Ben is a musician and you’d be right. (Sorry, Angel, for the times I monopolized your future husband talking about music!)

So, even if your Monday doesn’t get off to the greatest start, you can take the edge off by following tip #2: Listen to music that makes you feel good. (For bonus points, add “local” to this tip as well.)

If even the sweetness of caffeine and the sweet balm of melody can’t get you ready to face the week, I’d suggest tip #3: Do something kind for someone else.

Getting them a diamond engagement ring may be overdoing it…a cup of coffee or a smile will likely suffice.

If you’ve followed along the plan this far and still find yourself in the doldrums, you may be forced to engage in tip #4: Go outside.

Ah yes, the sun, the fresh air, the need to take a Claritin…

Finally, if you’re outside with a delicious cup of hot, local coffee, listening to great music while reflecting on the many old ladies you helped cross the street and the idea of a full week of work is still getting you down, the only tip left I have left is #5: Give your beloved a big kiss.

Yeah, that makes everything better.

We hope these tips were helpful and that you have a fantastic week to come! Come back to visit on Thursday and please, kiss responsibly.

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