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Wendy: Maternity

Perhaps I should specify at the outset of this post, this is not my Wendy… this is Wendy who I’ve known at least since we were in middle school together. Wendy and her husband Anthony are expecting their first child in August, and Wendy decided to have maternity photos made as a  first Father’s Day present for Anthony.  My Wendy and I were more than happy to oblige and, apart from the requisite name confusion (is it bad form to ask your subject to move a light while you photograph them?) we had a great time. Since Wendy and Wendy were both dancers, there was fantastic communication between the two of them about finding graceful poses and lines to help accentuate the beauty of motherhood. Also, Wendy has a well-defined and daring aesthetic sense which challenges us as photographers in the best possible way. Add it all up, and we had a blast. Anthony is a lucky guy.

Wendy's hands on her belly

Wendy's hand on her side

Wendy wrapped up

Wendy on her back, looking at the camera

Although this next photo is probably technically better…

Wendy in profile, looking at camera

It’s this one that I think captures Wendy’s personality.

Wendy laughing

his last photo was one of our favorites from the shoot and, as it happens, it’s also one that Wendy chose to have blown up to 16×20. It’s pretty encouraging when that happens.

Wendy's profile

We’re so excited for Anthony and Wendy and look forward to meeting their little girl in a few months. Also, it’s a little late, but it’s probably a good time to say a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Without you, there would be no maternity photos.  ;-)

And with that, TEN (business) DAYS OF BLOGGING draws to a close. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and that you’ll keep checking back to see what we’re up to. Have a great and restful weekend!

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2 Responses to “Wendy: Maternity”

  1. Wendy says:

    J.P. & Wendy, thanks again for these wonderful pictures!! I had such a great time with y’all and Anthony absolutely loved them!!

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