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Visiting with Ethan

This weekend Wendy and I went down to her parents’ house to visit with Wendy’s sister and our nephew Ethan. This is one dangerously cute kid, so photographic opportunities abounded.

Ethan contemplates a plastic carrot

We took Ethan to the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry down in Charleston where kids can shop in a pint-sized Publix for vegetables, meats, flowers, and just about everything else you’d find in a grocery store. I found it pretty funny that the Publix brand items cost less than their name-brand counterparts–teach them to bargain hunt young!

Ethan, as you can see, chooses his plastic vegetables carefully.

Tiny shopping cartYes, they have shopping carts for small-fries.

Ethan was awesome. With kids his age, it seems you have to watch them pretty closely to make sure they obey the social contract–you know, don’t steal items from other kids’ carts and the like. Not Ethan, though; he was helping other kids with their lists by dropping healthy snacks into their carts. Way to be helpful!

On top of that, Ethan didn’t go straight for the various sweets or cake mixes (which is a good thing because of his wheat allergy). Rather, he seemed genuinely excited about fruits and vegetables. His enthusiasm for this tomato was, however, a little excessive. Ethan partakes of the plastic produce

(Dude, you must buy the food before you taste it!)

After such an exciting day, of course Ethan wanted to share the story of his adventures. Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet speak English (we’re not quite sure what he does speak, but he does so passionately) and while adept at pressing buttons on phones, he doesn’t seem to do so systematically. Still, you can’t blame a guy for trying. IM a BBy RU?

Finally, after a long day, it’s time for a bath. Like just about everything else, Ethan enjoys baths. The joys of bathtime

Rock on, buddy.

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