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Album Review: Dragon Vox – Bite Your Tongue

All throughout the Valley there have been rumblings about the coming of a new album so rife with unbridled power that the day of its arrival would change the face of rock forever. Ladies and gentlemen, that album is here. I give you Dragon Vox’s Bite Your Tongue.

Dragon Vox - Bite Your Tongue

This album delivers everything a fan could want except mercy. From the thunderous bass of the opening track, “I Took Your Phone (to Hades)”, to the virtuosic and soaring guitar solo of closer “Girl, Take Off That Dress (and Put on Something Appropriate)”, Dragon Vox take their listeners on a ferocious musical journey through the highs and lows of language learning.

Dragon Vox - Promo Photo

Vocalist Rose Lachaleur continues to scream her way into our hearts, bringing such depth and emotion to her performance that I truly believed she was going to literally tear my heart out if I didn’t remember to conjugate the helping verb in “Composé is so Passé”.

Drummer Fiona Fuego and bassist Ember Ablaze keep the driving rhythms going throughout this album, daring you not to bang your head to the anthem “I’ll be the Spark that Sets Your House on Fire”. Meanwhile, guitarists Spark Kraken and Nikki Burns pile on the riffage that Dragon Vox fans know as the band’s signature sound. Kraken’s blues-inspired churning on “You Heard Me the First Time” offers the perfect foundation from which to launch Burns into the stratosphere with her soaring, ethereal solo. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dragon Vox album without the atmospheric synths of Roddie Pyre, whose impassioned playing provides the backbone of my pick for best power ballad of the year, “I’m Not Done With You Yet.”

Bite Your Tongue also opens a new chapter for Dragon Vox with the departure of long-time member Tina Tinder who left the band last year to seek treatment for a Kody-pendant relationship. Stepping up to fill the void is newcomer Yella Flagrante who will allay any concerns about the change with the way she shreds the electric triangle on “You Shall Not (Leave Without A) Pass”.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the rumors were true. With Bite Your Tongue, Dragon Vox has set the bar higher than ever for power, melody, and bangs. I give this album five flaming stars.


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